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Need Social Media Marketing for your business? We are a Full Service Social Media Marketing Agency located in Ogden, Utah.

What is Social Media?

Social media is a conversation, not just an outbound message. You must listen, engage, and respond with your community in order to build trust. Also, social media in itself should not be a marketing plan.

Social Media, is a communication tool, much like the phone or email is. An effective social media plan that is properly maintained will get you more customers and boost your sales. It is very important to see the big picture of Social Media marketing.

Lack of time doesn’t have to get in the way.

Social media is an ongoing thing. Brand value is built through interaction. Most business owners know that they should be “social” but either they don’t have the time, or they don’t know where to start, or even worse, they build it and forget it.

Fortunately, there has never been a better time to start social media for your business. Every industry in the world can benefit from having a social media strategy.

Let us help you define your role, expand your opportunities, and make you an expert in your field. Your social media campaign must be part of your marketing big picture.

Where to start in Social Media Marketing

Not only can we help you effectively set up your social media platforms the right way, we can take over the monthly hard hitting that most business owners never have time for, plus we can maintain it all for you. This is where the true power of social media comes in, and we know all about it.

The following is a photo of Facebook analytics of an actual Biz Lucent client. We implemented an overall media strategy and the results were outstanding. The small decline in March 2014 was due to the Facebook algorithm change. We immediately adjusted and the growth continued.

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